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Coaching, Training, and Team Building Solutions for Leaders and Organizations

We help our clients…

Achieve breakthroughs in leadership, teamwork, and innovation.

Do these problems sound familiar?


Difficulty adapting to change and uncertainty

Navigating change is daunting, leaving leaders unsure of the way forward.


Gaps in communication and collaboration

Communication breakdowns hinder teamwork, leading to inefficiency and frustration.

Stagnation in creativity and innovation

Teams struggle to innovate or deliver, feeling stuck in repetitive patterns.

Weakening connection and engagement

Engagement faces modern challenges leaving employees disconnected.

Stalled growth and impact

Roadblocks hinder personal growth, limiting individuals’ ability to make the impact they want.

Sustaining peak performance

Maintaining excellence demands ongoing leadership effort and investment, even amid success.

We help you achieve your goals with tailored leadership solutions

Coaching for Individuals

Unlock personal and professional growth with customized coaching, fostering leadership excellence and career advancement.

Coaching →

Training and Workshops

Enhance your team’s capabilities with targeted training sessions. Designed to boost innovation, leadership, and team dynamics through practical knowledge and skills development.

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Facilitation and Team Building

Enhance team collaboration and strategic outcomes with innovative facilitation sessions, including LEGO® Serious Play® workshops, to foster alignment and boost decision-making effectiveness.

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Because we know you need to…


Boost Leadership Effectiveness


Accelerate Personal and Professional Growth


Strengthen Team Cohesion and Performance


Improve Team and Individual Communication


Elevate Individual Engagement and Morale


Foster a Creative and Innovative Culture

“Liz’s content and coaching have become the cornerstone of our ongoing leadership development programs, and has had a tremendous impact on the personal and professional development of our employees.”

Serena Townsend
Chief People Officer, Silicon Labs
“Liz brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical prowess to every engagement. Her toolkit is as diverse as her strategic thinking, and her blend of humor, energy, and professionalism ensures transformative experiences for her clients.”
Prabhu Kannan
Director R&D, Indeed

“Liz is a national treasure and her training, facilitation and coaching is exactly what is needed by any organization that has tough problems to solve and a workforce that is ready to be super-charged.”

Doug McCallum
RET COL US Army Special Forces

About Wildcard Thinking

We understand that the key to your organization’s success relies on your people. Our purpose is to assist you in transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and development. Through a comprehensive suite of coaching, training, and facilitation services customized to your specific needs, we’re dedicated to supporting your journey towards enhanced collaboration, resilience, and success.