Equip your team with essential skills for success

Enhance your team’s performance with targeted skills training

Our training programs aim to elevate your team’s performance, enhance leadership skills, and instill a culture of continuous learning that adapts to the ever-evolving business landscape. Whether you’re aiming to sharpen strategic thinking, boost innovation, or improve communication, Wildcard Thinking offers a range of interactive workshops to empower your team.

Navigating change successfully requires strong leadership and effective management. Leadership agility and providing the necessary support for your team are not only valuable assets but essential strategies for ensuring your organization thrives in today’s dynamic environment.

Our Programs

Since 2010, we’ve honed expertise in Leadership, Creativity & Innovation, Communication, and Change Management, delivering results-driven workshops. Choose individual workshops tailored to your needs or combine programs for a comprehensive approach. Experience practical and fun exercises designed to equip you and your team with immediately applicable skills for tangible results.


Elevate Your Leadership Impact

Step into leadership with confidence and vision. Our Ignite Leadership Program is designed for executives and managers who are ready to unlock their full potential and lead with impact. Through a blend of interactive workshops, personalized coaching, and real- world application, participants will develop the strategic mindset, communication prowess, and decisive leadership skills necessary to inspire teams, drive innovation, and achieve lasting success.


  • Personal Impact: Establishing Trust & Credibility
  • Communication: Presence & Confidence
  • High Performance Teams: Collaborating with Others
  • Problem Solving Tools & Techniques: Setting a Vision
  • Innovation: Leading & Managing Change
  • Influence: Leading Without Authority


Unleash Creative Potential
and Drive Results

Drive transformative change and solve complex challenges with our Catalyst Innovation Program. Tailored for forward-thinking teams, this program equips participants with the tools and strategies to tackle real-world issues and achieve breakthrough results. Through a series of dynamic workshops and collaborative sessions on real challenges facing the organization, participants will cultivate problem-solving skills, foster a culture of innovation, and develop actionable strategies that directly impact the issues you’re currently facing.


  • Fundamentals of Creative and Innovative Thinking
  • Advanced Thinking Tools and Techniques
  • Executives: Managing the Climate and Conditions
  • Master Facilitator: Leading Innovation


Communicate with Clarity
and Confidence

Master the art of communication and amplify your impact with our Connect Communication Program. Tailored for individuals and teams, this program empowers participants to cultivate strong relationships, convey messages with clarity and influence, and drive collaboration across all levels of the organization. Engage in a series of fun and practical exercises designed to make speaking less intimidating and more enjoyable and walk away with immediately applicable communication skills to foster understanding, alignment, and success.


  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Presence and Delivery
  • Mastering Difficult Conversations
  • Messaging Strategies
  • Coaching for Performance


Thriving Through Change
and Uncertainty

Navigate change with resilience and agility with our Transform Change Program. Designed for leaders and teams, this program equips participants with the strategies and mindset to thrive in times of uncertainty and drive positive transformation within their organizations. Through interactive workshops and practical exercises, participants will develop the resilience, adaptability, and leadership skills needed to embrace change as an opportunity for growth and innovation.


  • Leadership Agility
  • Storytelling to Drive Change
  • Communication Strategies for Change
  • Empowering and Motivating Teams
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
“Working with Liz on the Creativity and Innovation Program has been a catalyst for change within our organization. The impact has been felt across all levels, from individual contributors to executives. We’ve seen a significant improvement in employee engagement, problem-solving, and our overall ability to adapt to change. Liz’s expertise has been instrumental in steering us towards a more innovative and dynamic future.”

VP People, Cybersecurity

“As an HR Director, one of the most challenging tasks is identifying and delivering timely, pertinent training to a diverse workforce. Liz doesn’t just deliver content; she connects with our employees, sparking genuine enthusiasm along the way. Plus, her support in developing our leaders through coaching and workshops has been invaluable.”

Charlee Lane
HR Director


“The ignite program is a truly unique opportunity where you will not only develop skills and tools to make you a better leader, but you will also learn a tremendous amount about yourself. This will help you to recognize your blind spots and other things that are holding you back as a leader, but will also help you recognize your strengths in order to gain confidence in yourself. Liz is an amazing coach and her program has helped me to grow not only into a better leader, but a better person as well.”

Workshop participant
Senior Director

Flexible delivery to meet your needs

Whether you prefer virtual sessions or onsite workshops, our training programs are flexible, accommodating your organization’s preferences and logistical requirements. Our training can be adapted from 60 minute webinars to multi-day in-person hands-on learning.

Flexible delivery to meet your needs

Whether you prefer virtual sessions or onsite workshops, our training programs are flexible, accommodating your organization’s preferences and logistical requirements. Our training can be adapted from 60-minute webinars to multi-day, in-person learning.

Workshops for a wide-range of business needs


Empower leaders with skills to navigate challenges and inspire success.


Foster teamwork, trust, and innovation for enhanced productivity.

Business Units

Optimize unit performance with targeted skill-building workshops.

Corporate Events & Retreats

Make events impactful with customized, engaging workshops.

The Enterprise

Drive change and agility for sustained organizational success.

What makes us different?

Experience dynamic, hands-on learning with our interactive workshops designed to tackle real-world challenges and deliver actionable strategies. Dive into a supportive, collaborative environment where we share knowledge and best practices, making learning both enjoyable and impactful. Our focused training ensures you achieve measurable results, moving beyond theory to practical application that sticks.


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