Reach your goals faster with personalized coaching

The investment in yourself

By choosing coaching, you’re not just making an investment in your skills; you’re investing in your own worth and potential. It’s a decision that says, ‘I believe in myself, and I’m ready to take charge of my future.’

Whether you are looking to elevate your leadership and communication skills or need a strategic partner to support you in achieving your goals, we’re here to provide collaborative support and accountability.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching sharpens your leadership and strategic thinking, enhancing your presence and influence. Learn to inspire action, communicate effectively, and navigate challenges, preparing you to lead with clarity and drive organizational success.

Example areas of focus:

• Leadership Excellence
• Strategic Visioning & Alignment
• Executive Presence
• Communication Mastery
• Team Development
• Change Leadership
• Stakeholder Influence
• Performance Optimization

Skills Coaching

Skills Coaching boosts your career by focusing on your professional development goals, cultivating creativity, a problem-solving mindset, and the ability to overcome challenges. It sharpens your communication for more impactful interactions, enhancing both personal and professional growth.

Example areas of focus:

• Presentation Skills
• Decision-Making
• Difficult Conversations
• Goal Setting
• Personal Impact
• Time Management
• Trust & Relationship Building
• Feedback and Coaching Skills

“Thanks to Liz, my leadership journey has taken a remarkable leap forward. The coaching process allowed me to see my blind spots and evolve into a more agile and strategic leader. The Achiever level of Leadership Agility is not just a concept; it’s now a part of my leadership DNA, and I’m better equipped to lead in today’s fast-paced environment.”

Senior Manager, Tech Sector

“Before working with Liz, I knew my technical skills were strong, but I struggled with asserting myself in leadership situations. Through coaching, the transformation has been profound – I now lead with conviction, communicate effectively, and am excited about the growth opportunities that lie ahead.”

R&D Director, Defense

“Coaching with Liz has changed the way I lead. I learned to step back, empower my team, and act as a guide rather than a rescuer. The impact has been transformative – the team is thriving, and I’ve witnessed a level of innovation and collaboration that exceeded my expectations.”

Director, Energy Sector

What to expect

Each coaching engagement is unique to the client and what you are trying to achieve. You can expect the following from us:


A trusting and safe place to talk about your challenges


Getting greater clarity that leads to action and results

Identifying your strengths and how to creatively leverage them


Gaining new perspective that can shape the way you think and act

Having an advocate who shows up wanting nothing but your success

Developing awareness of your thinking habits, where they serve you and where they don’t

How the coaching process works

1. Assessment

Begin with a comprehensive evaluation to understand your current skills, challenges, and areas for growth, laying the foundation for targeted coaching.

2. Goal Setting

Together, we define clear, achievable objectives tailored to your personal and professional aspirations, setting the stage for meaningful development.

3. Coaching Sessions

Engage in focused, one-on-one sessions that provide practical strategies, insights, and support to navigate your path to achieving your goals.

4. Review of Progress and Outcomes

Regularly assess progress towards your goals, celebrating achievements and refining strategies to ensure continued success and optimal outcomes.

Assessment Offerings

Experience coaching that goes beyond intuition, incorporating data-driven insights through in-depth assessments.

Agility 360

Receive comprehensive feedback on leadership effectiveness from multiple perspectives.

FourSight Assessment

Gain insights into your thinking preferences, enhancing creativity, collaboration and problem-solving.


Understand your communication style and interpersonal dynamics for effective collaboration.