Success Stories

Case Study: Devon

Transforming Expert Leadership into Achiever Leadership

Client Background

Devon, a seasoned Senior Manager with over a decade of experience, was recognized as an expert in his field. While his technical prowess was unquestionable, he sought to elevate his leadership to navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing business landscape.


Despite being a subject matter expert, Devon faced challenges in adapting to the dynamic demands of leadership in a rapidly evolving industry. He felt a need to expand his leadership repertoire beyond technical expertise and embrace a more agile and strategic approach.

Coaching Journey with Liz

Devon embarked on a coaching journey, focusing on the Leadership Agility model. Through a series of personalized coaching sessions and the use of assessments, including the Leadership Agility 360, Devon gained deep insights into his leadership style, strengths, and areas for growth.

“Thanks to Liz, my leadership journey has taken a remarkable leap forward. The coaching process, especially with the insights from the Leadership Agility 360, allowed me to see my blind spots and evolve into a more agile and strategic leader. The Achiever level of Leadership Agility is not just a concept; it’s now a part of my leadership DNA, and I’m better equipped to lead in today’s fast-paced environment.”

Senior Manager

Strategies Employed

Understanding Leadership Agility Levels

I guided Devon through the Leadership Agility model, helping him understand the distinct stages of leadership development – from Expert to Achiever.

360-Degree Feedback

The Leadership Agility 360 assessment provided comprehensive feedback from peers, superiors, and direct reports. This data served as a foundation for targeted development.

Co-Creation of Development Plan

Collaboratively, Liz and Devon crafted a tailored development plan, focusing on specific behaviors and mindsets associated with the Achiever level of Leadership Agility.

Outcomes and Achievements

Increased Adaptability

Devon demonstrated heightened adaptability, transitioning from a reliance on technical expertise to embracing a more strategic and flexible leadership approach.

Enhanced Collaboration

By fostering open communication and collaboration, Devon strengthened relationships with his team and other departments, contributing to a more cohesive and innovative work environment.

Innovative Problem-Solving

Devon showcased a newfound ability to navigate uncertainty and ambiguity, leading his team in innovative problem-solving and strategic decision-making.

Impact on Organizational Success

Devon’s transformation positively impacted the entire organization. His team’s productivity increased, and the department became recognized for its adaptability in the face of industry changes.