Facilitation & Team building

Enhance collaboration and achieve goals together

You bring the challenge, we bring the process to get you through

Whether you’re defining your organization’s moon shot, searching for innovative solutions to complex problems or building powerful trusting relationships within your team, Wildcard Thinking can help! We are seasoned facilitators with the tools and techniques to craft the right agenda and activities to unlock your thinking.

Bringing in an outside facilitator allows you to have an unbiased expert who shows up to the party with nothing but your success in mind. We will focus on the process and the dynamics while you engage in the content. Our facilitation and team building expertise can help you reach new levels while connecting as a group and working through tough challenges.

Facilitation Expertise

Strategic Planning

Ignite your team’s strategic vision with planning sessions that ensure alignment and commitment.

Agenda Highlights:

• Vision and Mission Crafting
• SWOT Analysis and Goal-Setting
• Roadmap for Implementation


Empower your team to make impactful decisions through expertly facilitated workshops that encourage collaboration.

Agenda Highlights:

• Decision Analysis and Criteria Establishment
• Options Evaluation and Consensus Building
• Clear Action Planning for Implementation

Creativity and Innovation

Cultivate a culture of innovation with dynamic workshops that inspire creative thinking and breakthrough ideas.

Agenda Highlights:

• Creative Problem Solving Immersion
• Ideation and Concept Development
• Prototyping for Real-World Application

Conflict Resolution

Turn conflicts into opportunities for growth with facilitated workshops that promote open dialogue and collaborative problem-solving.

Agenda Highlights:

• Identifying Root Causes of Conflict
• Communication Strategies for Resolution
• Actionable Plans for Collaboration

Common questions that require effective facilitation:


What is Our Direction?

We help you craft a clear path forward with visioning workshops designed to align your team around shared goals and ignite strategic thinking.

Strategic Planning

How Will We Achieve Our Goals?

We help you define actionable plans and priorities to drive organizational success with strategic planning sessions that foster collaboration and alignment.

Creativity and Innovation

How Can We Harness Our Potential?

We help fuel creativity and drive innovation within your organization with interactive workshops designed to generate fresh ideas and solutions.

Team Building

How Do We Strengthen Our Team?

We help strengthen team cohesion and collaboration with engaging retreats that build trust, improve communication, and enhance performance.

Change Management

How Can We Navigate Change and Create Alignment?

We help you define how to overcome resistance, gain buy-in and foster adaptability to ensure successful organizational change.
“Participating in Liz’s Leadership Offsite Program was a turning point for our team. We faced conflicts head-on, aligned our priorities, and underwent a transformative shift in leadership behaviors. The impact has been profound – improved communication, a shared vision, and a team that now stands united.”

Senior VP, R&D
Technology Sector

“Our offsite experience with Liz was a massive success. From reconnecting with our vision using LEGO® Serious Play® to the strategic discussions facilitated by Liz and our team leaders, every aspect contributed to our team energy. We’re now not just a team; we’re a united force committed to our shared goals.”

Executive Director
Non-profit sector

“Wildcard Thinking facilitated an exceptional sales design thinking session for our team. Through innovative tools and exercises, they helped us refine our strategy and clarify key challenges. We left the session with a clear roadmap and newfound confidence in our sales approach.”

VP Sales
North America

Team Building

Engage your team with dynamic workshops

We specialize in creating engaging and fun team building workshops that energize the workplace, enhance team cohesion, and foster a positive atmosphere. Our customized events strengthen bonds, boost motivation, and improve communication and creativity, driving team performance and success towards your specific goals.

LEGO® Serious Play® Workshops

Unlock creativity and strengthen team bonds with our LEGO® Serious Play® workshops. Certified facilitators lead hands-on sessions, enabling teams to explore challenges and discover innovative solutions through LEGO® bricks.
LEGO® Serious Play® →

FourSight Workshops

Discover new ways to innovate and problem-solve with our FourSight workshops. Based on the renowned FourSight Thinking Profile assessment, these workshops help teams understand their thinking preferences and leverage diverse perspectives to drive innovation and achieve breakthrough results.

Customized Team Building Agendas

We understand that every team is unique. That’s why we specialize in developing custom agendas tailored to your team’s specific goals, challenges, and preferences. Whether you’re focusing on communication, leadership, or strategic alignment, we’ll design a workshop that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.