Success Stories

Case Study: Unifying Offsite

Unleashing Potential and Unity through an Inspiring Offsite Experience

Client Background
Navigating the challenges of transitioning to a hybrid work environment, our organization faced a crucial need to reconnect, refocus, and recommit to our shared vision and mission. Liz’s expertise and the immersive offsite experience became the catalyst for transformation.


As we embraced a hybrid work situation, there was a noticeable drift in team cohesion and a need for realignment with our organizational goals. Liz stepped in to address this challenge head-on and guide us through a journey of reconnection and rediscovery.

Offsite Journey

Collaborating with Liz on the design of our multi-day offsite was a collaborative and insightful process. Liz worked closely with our team leaders to craft an agenda that seamlessly blended strategic focus, team-building, and a touch of fun. The incorporation of LEGO® Serious Play® was a game-changer, connecting us to our strengths and shared vision in a unique and memorable way.

“Our offsite experience with Liz was a massive success. From reconnecting with our vision using LEGO® Serious Play® to the strategic discussions facilitated by Liz and our team leaders, every aspect contributed to our team energy. Liz’s collaborative approach, creativity, and ability to infuse fun into our serious discussions made this offsite a memorable and impactful event. We’re now not just a team; we’re a united force committed to our shared goals.”

Executive Director
Non-profit sector

Offsite Highlights

Strategic Agenda Design

Liz collaborated with our team leaders to design a multi-faceted agenda that addressed our need to reconnect, refocus, and rejuvenate our commitment to the organizational vision and mission.

LEGO® Serious Play®

The use of LEGO® Serious Play® brought a dynamic and engaging dimension to our offsite. It not only connected us to our individual strengths but also served as a powerful tool to visualize and embody our collective vision and mission.

Leadership Empowerment

Liz empowered our team leaders by involving them in the facilitation of various agenda segments. This not only showcased their leadership skills but also allowed them to shine in guiding our team through crucial discussions and activities.

Team-Building and Fun

The offsite struck the perfect balance between strategic discussions and team-building activities, fostering an environment where we got to know each other better, building bonds that extended beyond the workplace.

Outcomes and Achievements

Renewed Focus and Commitment

The offsite provided a platform for us to reconnect with our organizational vision and mission, resulting in a renewed commitment from every team member.

Enhanced Team Dynamics

The blend of team-building activities and strategic discussions improved team dynamics, creating a collaborative and supportive environment that carried over into our day-to-day interactions.

Empowered Leadership

Team leaders felt empowered and confident in their roles, having had the opportunity to lead various agenda segments with Liz’s guidance.

Positive Organizational Energy

Team-building activities strengthened our bonds, creating a renewed sense of cohesion that extended beyond the offsite experience and into our daily interactions.