Success Stories

Case Study: Catalyst, Creativity and Innovation Program

Catalyzing Culture Change through Creative and Innovative Programs

Client Background
As the Head of HR for a forward-thinking organization, Eric sought a transformative approach to drive cultural change, instill creativity, and foster innovation across all levels of the company. The solution came in the form of Liz’s tailored Creativity and Innovation Program.


The organization faced the imperative need for a cultural shift toward innovation. Eric identified the challenge of breaking through traditional norms, inspiring creative thinking, and embedding a culture that thrived on innovation and change.

Program Journey

Eric engaged Wildcard Thinking to lead a comprehensive Creativity and Innovation Program aimed at infusing a new mindset throughout the organization. This program targeted individuals at every level, from frontline contributors to executives, seeking to create a culture where innovation was not just encouraged but embraced.
“Working with Liz on the Creativity and Innovation Program has been a catalyst for change within our organization. The tailored workshops and initiatives didn’t just address challenges; they instilled a culture where creativity and innovation became a way of life. The impact has been felt across all levels, from individual contributors to executives. We’ve seen a significant improvement in employee engagement, problem-solving, and our overall ability to adapt to change. Liz’s expertise has been instrumental in steering us towards a more innovative and dynamic future.”
VP People, Cybersecurity

Program Highlights

In-depth Cultural Assessment

Liz conducted a thorough cultural assessment to identify existing barriers to innovation and areas that required specific attention.

Tailored Workshop Series

A series of dynamic and interactive workshops were designed to address specific challenges, enhance creative thinking, and equip participants with tools to drive innovation in their respective roles.

Cross-Functional Collaboration Initiatives

Initiatives were introduced to promote cross-functional collaboration, ensuring that diverse perspectives and expertise were brought together to solve complex challenges.

Leadership Involvement

Executives were actively involved in the program, demonstrating a commitment to fostering innovation at all levels and setting an example for the rest of the organization.

Outcomes and Achievements

Cultural Shift Towards Innovation

The program catalyzed a notable cultural shift, with employees embracing a mindset of continuous improvement, creative problem-solving, and an eagerness to contribute innovative ideas.

Increased Employee Engagement

Employees felt more engaged and valued as contributors to the organization’s success, leading to increased morale and a sense of collective ownership.

Ideation and Problem-Solving Improvement

Participants demonstrated improved ideation and problem-solving skills, resulting in the generation of creative solutions to previously challenging issues.

Organizational Flexibility and Adaptability

The organization became more adaptable to change, responsive to market shifts, and prepared to navigate uncertainties, driven by a newfound culture of innovation.