Success Stories

Case Study: O.M.

Reigniting Passion and Purpose in Professional Life

Client Background
O.M., a dedicated professional with a track record of success, found himself disengaged and struggling to regain enthusiasm for his work during the challenging times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic .


The uncertainties of the pandemic had taken a toll on O.M.’s motivation and passion for his job. He felt disconnected, and the spark that once fueled his professional drive had dimmed.
Coaching Journey with Liz
O.M. embarked on a coaching journey seeking guidance to navigate through the challenges that had dampened his enthusiasm. The focus was on rediscovering passion, reigniting purpose, and finding a renewed sense of fulfillment in his professional life.
“Coaching with Liz was just what I needed during a challenging period. I had lost my passion for my job, and the uncertainty of the times had taken a toll on my enthusiasm. Through reflection, goal reevaluation, and a mindset shift, I not only rediscovered my passion but found a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment in my professional life. The coaching journey has been transformative, and I am grateful for the positive impact it has had on my career and overall well-being.”
Senior Engineer, R&D

Strategies Employed

Reflective Exercises

Through coaching sessions, O.M. engaged in reflective exercises to identify the specific factors contributing to his disengagement and explore the aspects of his work that once brought him joy.

Goal Reevaluation

O.M. reevaluated his professional goals, ensuring they aligned with his values, aspirations, and evolving circumstances.

Strengths Rediscovery

The coaching process included activities to rediscover O.M.’s strengths and talents, reconnecting him with the aspects of his job where he excelled and found genuine fulfillment.

Mindset Shift

Strategies were employed to shift O.M.’s mindset from a place of uncertainty to one of resilience and adaptability, fostering a positive outlook on the challenges ahead.

Outcomes and Achievements

Passion Rediscovered

O.M. experienced a profound shift, rediscovering passion for his work and reconnecting with the aspects of his job that fueled his professional fulfillment.

Purposeful Alignment

The coaching process led to a realignment of O.M.’s professional goals with his values, creating a more purposeful and meaningful trajectory.

Enhanced Job Satisfaction

O.M.’s renewed passion translated into enhanced job satisfaction, positively impacting his day-to-day experiences and interactions within the workplace.

Resilience in Uncertainty

Armed with a newfound resilience and positive mindset, O.M. navigated uncertainties with greater ease, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth rather than obstacles.